Mia Habib: A song to..
Rehearsal assistant for the extras performing at Ice HOT in Copenhagen 2016.

A song to… by Mia Habib is the choreography of a mass movement in both senses of the word: the Norwegian choreographer brings 16 professional dancers and up to 30-50 non-professionals onto the stage, choreographing their naked bodies as pure materiality.

Idea, concept, project management, together with Marie Topp, Marie-Louise Stentebjerg and Ida-Elisabeth Larsen. 2014-15.

Shared RISK is an ongoing project initiated by RISK in the beginning of 2014. The aim is to establish a culture for sharing research and to support the dialogue between choreographers affiliated with Denmark. It includes workshops with Mårten Spångberg and Mette Ingvartsen, work/practice presentations by local artists and the launch of the community blog 'Shared BLOG'. As an additional initiative to Shared RISK we have launched a new concept called ‘Shared RESEARCH’ where the experts we invite for our own research interests are shared with the community. Shared RISK is based on a fluid structure and is in continuous development.

Mørk Dans: Handicap Art Festival
Project Manager. 2014

Handicap Art Festival, initiated by Matilde Mørk, is an art festival having a focus on handicap within the art. 

two-women-machine-show: My Body is a Barrel of Gunpowder
Production Manager. 2014.

In June 2013 the duo two-women-machine-show decided to officially declare war upon themselves. Their intention was to overthrow the governing authorship inhabiting them. Taking this rebellion against a dictating inner voice quite literally, they deliberately confused metaphors with worldly violence. My Body is a Barrel of Gunpowder materialises an inner struggle against self-regime governance. With the use of militarism as source material for a dance against themselves, two-women-machine-show bring forward that fringe moment, in the midst of war, when one looks for what is still standing and what is to come.

Per Vers: Mellemrum performance
Personal assistant. 2014.

Performance at Mellemrum Festival, Sydhavn Edition.

Matthaei & Konsorten: War (you should have been there)
1st edtition; Production Manager Assistant.
2nd + 3rd edition; Production Manager. 2013

Sitespecific performances based on interviews with Karsten Høeg, military interpreter; Jan Grarup, war photographer; Jimmy Solgaard Andersen, sniper; Jørgen Christian Madsen, military field-priest, u.v.a. Made in Hørve, Vordingborg and Viborg.

Not Festival: Third Class Citizen & The Pop Up Queer's Shelter
Production Manager Assistant. 2012, 2013 and 2014.

The Not Festival is a kaleidoscopic, ephemeral, erratic and nomadic artistic object. It embraces the ideas of global artistic collaboration and the cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, DIY attitudes.Through the use of old and new artistic approaches, technologies and media it exists outside the realm of the establishment, which implies generally non-existing financial support. However, its inclusive nature allows it to move inside and outside of institutions and at the same time avoid the institutional restrictions. This political “object” aims to fight the standardized and systematized commodities of the arts. Thus, it is NOT a FESTIVAL.

WE GO: Music from Movement
Production Manager for Copenhagen presentations. 2012.

If Björk and Blue Man Group had several love children they would undoubtedly look something like WE GO in their latest concert performance. Four musicians and three dancers form this international ensemble merging into a single organism of bodies and instruments. Their movements create the sound and music emerges from choreography in a humourous and tightly composed mechanism.

E.K.K.O: And more people
Project Manager for the extra performances showing on shared evenings after the performance "People". 2012.

RISK: The stage that wasn't there
Idea, concept, project management, together with Marie Topp, Marie-Louise Stentebjerg and Ida-Elisabeth Larsen. 2011.

‘The Stage that wasn’t There’ was RISK’s second initiative to create a platform for new artists, both national and international, to share their work in Copenhagen. The event took place on the 11th of September, 2010 at Københavns Musikteater and this time 42 works by almost a hundred participating artists were presented. The procedure was the same as the year before. We tried to fit as many works as we could within the building's premises. The aim again was to create fertile grounds for new collaborations to happen, for community-building, for more focused and critical debating and simply for the sake of artistic exchange. The event welcomed almost 400 audiences over the course of 7 hours and ended with a dance-session held by the DJ-duo Tough Love.

Rosas: Rosas danst Rosas
Managing their performance during Dansens Dage in Copenhagen. 2011.

Rosas danst Rosas builds on the minimalism initiated in Fase (1982):  abstract movements constitute the basis of a layered choreographic structure in which repetition plays the lead role. The fierceness of these movements is countered by small everyday gestures. Rosas danst Rosas is unequivocally feminine: four female dancers dance themselves, again and again. The exhaustion and perseverance that come with it create an emotional tension that contrasts sharply with the rigorous structure of the choreography.

SPOT ON: platform for choreographers
Production Management Assistant. 2010 and 2011.

Spot on is a platform for Choreographers initiated by Dansens Hus and later Dansehallerne in Copenhagen, where the Choreographers will be working with mentors Martin Sonderkamp, Constanze Schellow, Steve Purcell and Rosemary Butcher.

Mette Ingvartsen: The Extra Sensorial Garden
Rehearsal assistant on the Copenhagen performance as a part of Mellemrum. 2011.

The Extra Sensorial Garden is an invitation for the visitor to enter into a fictional garden that has been artificially created to stimulate the sensory system of the visitor. You could say that it is an ephemeral garden, or a garden that only exists in the space between the imagination of the visitor and the offered sensory stimulation.

Seimi Nørregaard: Kriger
Personal assistant. 2011.

Sitespecific performance made for the festival Mellemrum. The MELLEMRUM guides took a little group of people through the known and unknown, hidden and forgotten parts of the neighbourhood Nørrebro to a selection of performances made specifically for a number of urban spaces. Production Kitt Johnson X-act.

Akram Khan Company: Gnosis
Managing their performance during Dansens Dage in Copenhagen. 2010.

Gnosis is a work by Akram Khan in which he combines his classical Indian and contemporary dance roots. We follow him on a pathway of transformation, culminating in a shattering conclusion. Pursuing the idea of the ‘knowledge within’, it is an exploration of the inner and outer battles of characters, the human and the godly. Khan is accompanied on stage by an ensemble of exceptional musicians from around the world.

RISK: Risk Reclaim Entertain '09
Idea, concept, project management,together with Marie Topp, Marie-Louise Stentebjerg and Ida-Elisabeth Larsen. 2009.

In 2009 our newly established collective RISK saw a critical need for an open platform in Copenhagen, that would support not only young, progressive artists but also promote more dialogue between different artistic fields. More specifically the aim became to create fertile grounds for new collaborations to happen, for community-building, for more focused and critical debating and simply for the sake of artistic exchange. The platform took place in a single house; in every room and corner of it as well as on the surrounding rooftops and the square in front of it. Video artists, performance artists, dancers, musicians, theatre directors, set-designers, visual artists and circus artists contributed to the programme, which ran from approximately 18 in the evening till 3 o’clock at night.