Risk Reclaim Entertain ’09

In 2009 our newly established collective RISK saw a critical need for an open platform in Copenhagen, that would support not only young, progressive artists but also promote more dialogue between different artistic fields. More specifically the aim became to create fertile grounds for new collaborations to happen, for community-building, for more focused and critical debating and simply for the sake of artistic exchange. The platform took place in a single house; in every room and corner of it as well as on the surrounding rooftops and the square in front of it. Video artists, performance artists, dancers, musicians, theatre directors, set-designers, visual artists and circus artists contributed to the programme, which ran from approximately 18 in the evening till 3 o’clock at night. The artists participating in the platform had all responded to an open call, where the only criteria was that their idea should be somewhat well elaborated on paper. In other words, everyone was basically free to present whatever they wanted. During the nine hours this event took place 360 people visited the platform, which is a considerable amount since the building only holds 100 people at a time.

RISK unfolded this experiment further in the following year with their second platformThe Stage that wasn’t There. 

Artists participating in RISK:RECLAIM:ENTERTAIN:
Alloy Alloy (B/DK), Annesofie Norn & Signe Lidén (DK/N), Company Jean (DK), Event Transportable (DK/SE), Gry Raaby (DK), IDAPERFORMS (DK), Karoline Michelsen (NO), Maia Sørensen (DK), Malte Ege Stark (DK), Marie-Louise Nielsen (DK), Matilde Mørk & Kristian Tirsgaard (DK), Mathias Kryger (DK), Prafix Aztech (DK), Reverse Collective (DK), Sara Hamming (DK), Signe Koefoed & Balz Isler (DK/CH), Signe Lillemark (DK/RO), The Mob & Frank Julie (SE), Though Love (IR/NO), 3B Crew (DE/CH), Klara Elenius (SE), Kir Qvortrup (DK), Pol Mod Pol (DK)

Supported by:
Københavns Kommunes Projektpulje and Vesterbro Lokalpulje.