En dans til din ære

“En dans til din ære” is made in honor of Viggo, Ingrid and Bjørn. We have never met them and we don’t know who they are, but with some help from their friends and pictures of their favorite things, we made a dancefilm about them.
With a focus on how you can capture and create an identity out of assumptions and prejudices from what you hear and see, but without really knowing, we’ve depicted three people as to how we think they are from what little information we’ve been given.

Idé & koncept : Linnea Lindh & Gry Raaby
Koreografer : Linnea Lindh & Gry Raaby
Dansere: Simon Beyer-Pedersen, Jytte Kjøbek, Jens Louis Valeur-Jaques
Musik : Pekka Tuppurainen
Filmfotograf : Ali Abbasi
Scenografi & Kostumer : Sara Vilslev
Lys : Brian Curt Petersen
Colour Grading : Henrik Nielsen

Administration : Hanne Svejstrup, ProjektCentret ved Dansens Hus
En dans til din ære er støttet af Dansk Skuespillerforbund.