Picture perfect

Picture perfect at the residency “Surviving Dance”, K3-Zentrum für Choreographie, 2011.

Rehearsal process and choreografic research with S.T.C. Surviving Dance residency, Kampnagel.

“Picture Perfect” deals with our personality as of concepts and constructions. Some conscious, some not. Some valued, some not. Some seen, some felt. Reproducing images in daily life reflecting the emotional conflicts between constructed ideals and reality. It deals with how we are intrumentialised by cultural-, and capital institutions to belive, that what we are told, is what we want – be a woman, be a hero, be a winner, be a succes, be…. – how we are trying to model ourself to something we will never be.

Uta Engel
Signe Koefoed

Uta Engel

Alexandra Catharina Denk
Signe Koefoed
Gry Raaby
Nayeli F. A Ramirez Lopez
Filine Hoffmann

Sources of inspiration / Exhibition video:
Signe Koefoed

Surviving dance – art, economy and politics is a platform for reflection and discussion upon social and work conditions for artists and the role they play in society. The Project engages artists, cultural and governmental institutions, non-artists and citizens in order to discuss about the role of dance and its general conditions within a social, economical and political span.

An essential part of the project was the three working groups these are meetings between the resident choreographers, dance institutions, cultural centers, residency infrastructures, cultural managers, organizations, associations, economy and politic departments, labor offices and the Hamburg fellow-citizens with the aim to develop critical comments, visions and results to be presented and discussed at the final Symposium.

Artist in residence:
Anja Winterhalter
Antoine Effroy,
Daniel Brown
Irina Virkulina
Sticky Trace Company (S.T.C.)
Ursina Tossi

Surviving Dance
Kunst, Wirtschaft, Politik
K3-Zentrum für Choreographie Hamburg